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Crystal Curle

Crystal Curle shines as a Client Experience Strategist at W&A, where she’s known for infusing her work with a perfect blend of professionalism and fun. With a knack for implementing and refining processes, she’s the driving force behind elevating both the client and employee experience to new heights.  

Crystal’s journey has taken her from shaping new hire onboarding processes at Morgan Keegan and Company to honing her skills as a Team Lead at Raymond James and Associates. After a brief stint at Steel Grove Capital Advisors, Crystal found her way “home” to W&A.  

A Memphis native with a heart of gold, Crystal’s dedication to service earned her the prestigious title of Associate of the Year at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for her tireless fundraising efforts—an honor that fills her with immense pride. Crystal is a committed member of Christ Church in Arlington, Tennessee, and also devotes time to volunteering with Dorothy Day House, an organization that provides temporary housing and support services for homeless families in Memphis. 

Crystal loves spending time with her grown daughters, Kailah and Kelsey, along with her pint-sized partner in crime, her two-year-old grandson, Grayson. Together with her husband and high school sweetheart, Kevin, they transform houses into homes through their passion for renovation projects. 

Crystal’s spirit is as vibrant as her name suggests. Just ask her about being selected out of an audience of tens of thousands to dance on stage with Bruce Springsteen back in 1984! The same thing happened again at a Morris Day and the Time concert years later in 2017! We all agree… there is something magnetic about Crystal. 

Whether she’s dreaming of a world filled with health, happiness, and fewer hurdles for all or refining processes to help W&A deliver the best client experience, one thing’s for sure – Crystal’s smile and passion instantly make an impact, lighting up every room she enters.  

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