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Wealth Planning & Protection

You lay out your goals and dreams, and we'll build the strategies to get you there.

We offer more than just financial planning. Discover the benefits of working with a dedicated and passionate group of professionals who prioritize your goals and provide the guidance you need. Join us and unlock the potential of a collaborative partnership that digs deep into every facet of wealth management.

Financial planning

At Waddell & Associates, our wealth strategists go beyond managing your investment assets. We take a holistic approach, overseeing your entire net worth. By collaborating with you, we create a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns with your goals and dreams.

We recognize that life events and market conditions can influence your financial path. That’s why we emphasize regular plan reviews and adjustments. Our agility allows us to keep you on track, capitalizing on current market conditions and addressing potential challenges. With our dedicated support, we help you navigate towards your desired outcomes effectively.

Tax strategy planning

We approach tax strategy planning from two distinct perspectives. First, we prioritize tax efficiency and risk mitigation in managing investment portfolios. This involves carefully considering the tax characteristics of different investments and selecting the appropriate account types.

Next, we take a comprehensive approach, working alongside your tax professional, and assess your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Based on this review, we recommend and coordinate strategies to minimize your overall tax burden. Our goal is to help you implement effective strategies that reduce your tax liability.

Estate & wealth transfer

Estate and wealth transfer strategies require meticulous planning to honor your wishes and secure your legacy. Our wealth strategists work closely with your estate attorney to create a comprehensive blueprint that goes beyond mere tax savings.

Divorce planning

Without a well-crafted plan, divorce can have devastating financial and emotional consequences. Our comprehensive pre-divorce strategies are designed to proactively address potential issues, ensuring that both you and your legal team fully comprehend the intricate financial aspects involved. By meticulously examining each scenario during the negotiation process, we evaluate their viability and provide valuable insights. Furthermore, once your divorce is finalized, we stand ready to assist you in rebuilding and adapting to your new life.

Lifestyle consulting

Developing a well-rounded financial plan never happens in a vacuum. It requires careful consideration of your unique tastes and preferences. Life is a continuous journey that unfolds until our final days. Life can also be an adventure. Our skilled strategists understand this, and they extend their support beyond numerical analysis. They assist you in envisioning the life you desire. This involves helping you answer the big questions that arise when wealth provides an ocean of choice.


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