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The Most Important Thing

The Full Story: The most important thing when forecasting markets is to know what the most important thing is.  Over the past few years, the

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Why Gen Zers Aren’t Leaving the Nest

Teresa J.W. Bailey shares her thoughts with Business Insider on why young people are choosing to live at home long after college is done.

Weekly Insights

Jay Day

The Full Story: Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell is not an economist. Jerome studied politics at Princeton and obtained a law degree from Georgetown. He

Phyllis R. Scruggs

Is it Time To Get Into Fixed Income?

Second Quarter, 2024 Is it Time To Get Into Fixed Income? Lately, several of my colleagues have been asking me that very question on behalf

David S. Waddell

Happy Halftime!

While we spend much of our energy looking forward, and we will devote many watts to our upcoming Halftime Outlook, it seems appropriate, and it

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Weekly Insights


The Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting results this week were a snooze fest. The Fed has now held rates steady at 5.5% for 12 months. They