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Krista Burt

Krista Burt, a Memphis native, is W&A’s Office Administrative Strategist. As the welcoming face of our Memphis office and likely the friendly voice you encounter when you call us, Krista plays a pivotal role in our organization.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Victory University, Krista has consistently gravitated toward roles centered on helping others. Her path in client service began at Rice Caperton Rice, where she dedicated four years to client intake. Following this, she transitioned to Keith Collins Company, where she further refined her skills as an assistant manager for HOAs, ultimately paving the way for her arrival at Waddell & Associates.

Krista plays a crucial role in the efficient management of our office operations, and her deep alignment with W&A’s mission is a testament to her passion for serving our clients.

When she’s not volunteering as a Girl Scouts Troop Leader, Krista loves spending time with her husband, Christopher, and young daughter, Annabel.

Her profound belief in living in the present moment is beautifully encapsulated in her favorite quote by Dr. Seuss: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

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