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Ready To Take A Break?!

Ready To Take A Break?!

Are you ready to take a break from the investment markets & talk about ideas?

I certainly was!  Every year around July 4th, I take that break & attend the Aspen Ideas Festival.

For four days my brain is bombarded with ideas from global leaders who gather in Aspen to discuss “issues that shape our lives & challenge our times.” The summons is to “Think Big.”

This year’s program tracks included: Pushing the Limits of Human Performance; Coming to Grips with Climate Change; Defining Economic Progress; Redefining Conservatism in America; Hope Made Visible: Innovation by Design; The Art of the Story; American Reckoning, American Renewal; In Search of Meaning; Next World Order;  and Understanding Emotion.

Ideas came from people as diverse as Jon Batiste; Arthur Brooks; David Brooks; Chris Christie; Common; Bob Corker; John Dickerson; Jeffrey Goldberg; Heidi Heitkamp; Walter Issacson; Kevin Love; Theodore Olson; Elaine Pagels; Penny Pritzker; Jeffrey Rosen; Karl Rove; Robert Rubin; Paul Ryan; Jessica Seinfeld;  Amy Walter; Tara Westover; George Will; Judy Woodruff; Mark Zuckerberg; & four high school teams selected in city-wide competitions to present their own solutions for problems in their cities of Dallas & Louisville.

Some of this year’s buzz included: Rural America; Bridging Faiths; Forging an Immigration Policy; The Future of Conservatism; Make China Great Again; Love Your Enemies; Our New Supreme Court; Can the Center Hold?; and The Zip Code Reality:  Where You Live Matters.

Here’s a sampling of some of the ideas presented to stretch your mind around:

  • Art brings diverse people together. – Common
  • Love our way to solutions, but not necessarily agreement.  – Arthur Brooks
  • Government regulation is needed in social media.  – Mark Zuckerberg
  • People are worn out.  Each year is like 7 political dog years. – Karl Rove
  • Being Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair is a great way to be unelected.  – Bob Corker
  • Growing trend in Supreme Court is to chip away at “stare decisis.” – Jeffrey Rosen.
  • What will be next?  Now we know, and that didn’t take long.  – Justice Elena Kagan
  • 25 cities in the U.S. have 30% of the population & 60% of job growth.  You can’t just clean up the part of the swimming pool that you are swimming in.  “Bloom where you are planted.”  – Mary Daly
  • Take care of your ship first.  Then your shipmates.  And finally, yourself.  – US Navy
  • Elvis Presley was not the 1st person to record “Hound Dog”. Listen to Big Mama Thornton!  – Jon Batiste.

Enjoy your summer, family & friends, and remember “Man’s mind stretched by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

* Sources include The Aspen Institute Ideas 2019 program, web site & Phyllis’ notes.

Phyllis R. Scruggs

Phyllis R. Scruggs

Senior Vice President Senior Wealth Strategist